Bells Line Expressway

A new route between Sydney and the Central West of NSW will greatly facilitate state growth, improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase productivity, alleviate pressure on Western Sydney and relieve safety and congestion issues on the Great Western Highway.

Benefits About the Project
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Bells Line Expressway Route

Map showing three main Precincts

Preferred Options for the Bells Line Expressway

Information about the preferred route options for the Expressway including the Western, Central and Eastern precincts. The proposed route is a multi-faceted corridor with provision for a rail line and opportunities for communication, energy, and water linkages.


Benefits of the Bells Line Expressway

A vast array of Practical Benefits

So many Benefits for the
Central West

The potential for growth in the Central West is considerable, including; increased productivity and flexibility, reduced costs, increased efficiency, innovation, providing firms with a competitve advantage and relieving safety and congestion on our major roads to the Central West.



Socio-Economic Impact Report

Upgrading to a High Standard Expressway

The report examines the economic impact of upgrading the Bells Line of Road to a high standard expressway.  In the five years from completion of the Bells Line Expressway, total economic growth induced in the Central West Region is expected to be substantial.

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About the

Vital Infrastructure Project

Strengthen links in NSW

The routes across the Blue Mountains today - the Great Western Highway and Bells Line of Road - are not able to adequately cater for the growing residential, agriculture, education, health, lifestyle and tourist potential of the Central West.  The Expressway would strengthen links between Sydney and the Central West.